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Andrew Klimishyn

I grew up in a small city Kyiv in Ukraine and always liked to explore things to learn something new. I used to make my father really mad taking his old electronics into pieces. And my craving was getting stronger with every year. Eventually, I have successfully graduated from National University and got my certification of physicist and IT specialist. I always felt there is something for me out there where I can apply my knowledge and make the world a little better... That's how I came up with the idea of creating TaxPlain.

After moving to the US I felt on my own skin how hard can tax filing for a simple citizen can get: lots of pressure, stressful meetings with financial experts and establishments and tons of receipts kept in my shoebox... "there's got to be a better way" I thought to myself and I started developing a tool. A universal tool. Something that can keep my documents securely, allow me to share them with a trusted person and save me from endless scheduling of meetings. And you know what? I did it, i created CPAcatalog.

There is no way I could have succeeded without my favorite team. Here they are:
Andy (Head of Marketing Department)
Jenny (Business development manager)
Rachel (CEO executive partner)
Monica (Business strategy manager/partner)
Carol (content writer/partner)
Adam (Head of engineering Department)

Andy joined our team about year ago and his main responsibilities include: marketing research, maintance of channels of distribution and general product development. Jenny is responsible for building a strategy plan for our services, but her contribution to the business development is much more significant than that. She is a relieble teamplayer and a very hard working person. Rachel helped me from the very beggining of TaxPlain creation and is an essential part of our team. Monica is a very creative - her ideas are of a great value for the promotion and development of our Platform. Carol is a very energetic person. Her attitude to life and working environment motivates us all to keep up and always apply team-work. Adam is a technical genius - just like me, he spends sleepless nights working to make sure that your personal information is safe and sound within our platform.

BR Andrew Klimishyn