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Jason Taylor

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Licensed for 4 years, ID: CP-5574
83303, Idaho [ID], Twin Falls
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Bookkeeper Certified Public Bookkeeper - CPB Staff Accountant -SA Certified Forensic Accountant - CrFA
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83303, Idaho, ID, Twin Falls


About Jason

I have several years of public accounting experience. I started my career at a large regional public accounting firm where I specialized in tax and agriculture businesses. I also have specialized in retail, medical, and construction industries. I have now started my own firm, where we specialize in remote accounting and tax preparation for businesses and individuals. 

As the eCommerce world continues to grow, business owners that have made the jump to sell online are finding themselves in a unique business structure, being faced with challenges that their brick and mortar predecessors didn't have to face. But, the new world of the e-marketplace is allowing entrepreneurs to sell to and advertise to customers throughout the world, that otherwise they would not have been able to reach. 

I strive to find ways that will increase efficiency, production and profits for clients that are faced with these unique challenges. The niches that I have specialized in have allowed me to help online businesses take advantage of tax practices that have historically, only been available for large corporations. I am an Advanced Certified QuickBooks Online ProAdvisor and experience in Xero Accounting. Both software platforms are helping clients to have unprecedented mobility and access to their accounting books. 

Prior to my public accounting career, I was the Accounting Department Manager for a small, locally owned power equipment retail and service store. Through this experience, I learned what it was like to be the client of a CPA and I would have to interpret Accountant-ese to my employer. This experience was invaluable as the knowledge I gained at the small retail store, I have used to help my current clients.

Reviews (7)
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He's the accountant I wish I had before him. 

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Jason is literally the best tax accountant / preparer that we've ever worked with. He's extremely smart, has excellent communication, responsive, and principled. Jason immediately began by suggesting different ways in which we could reduce our tax burdon as he saw we were not being strategic in our approach. Ultimately, he recommended our company to file as an S-Corp. He not only suggested it, but took the initiative (with our permission) to apply on our behalf to the IRS, even after the official deadline, and was successfully able to get the request approved. All in all, Jason helped our company save a very significant amount money on our taxes by helping us be more strategic in our filing this year. We cannot thank him enough for his hard work and effectiveness and we recommend him without reservation!

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Both my husband and I are small business owners. Taylor CPA Group has worked close with us to make sure we are taking full advantage of all the deductions allowed to small business owners -- and to make certain that we know what are real tax advantages and what are myths! Extremely reasonable rates for great services!!

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I used to prepare our tax returns myself until Jason pointed out some deductions that I didn't know were available. I have been very pleased and impressed with his knowledge of the new tax laws and the excellent service he has provided for over 5 years!! I would highly recommend Taylor CPA Group, LLC!! 

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Admittedly, I am biased. 
But, this CPA has been doing my taxes for the past 13 years, and I am more impressed with him every year. Keep up the great work! 

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The service was fast excellent and honest! I have used Taylor CPA for 4 years now! My wife and I are so happy they handle the headache of taxes for us! 

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In my experience Jason Taylor CPA is a very detailed and trustworthy professional who goes above and beyond for his clients!

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