Accountant James Benson

James Benson

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Licensed for 1 years
23222, Virginia [VA], East Highland Park
Practice areas
Bookkeeper Certified Forensic Accountant - CrFA

23222, Virginia, VA, East Highland Park

9AM - 4PM

(575) 622-8500

About James

As a responsible organization making the choice of an accounting/management consulting firm you are rightfully concerned with the ability of the firm you choose to conduct its tasks in a highly efficient and effective manner. In addition, you have a legitimate interest in our history, and in an appraisal of our integrity, character and performance. 

To respond to these concerns, Larry Saunders & Associates invites and encourages you to ask our clients the hard questions about us. Your independent discussions and verifications of the quality of our services with those who know us and our work makes good business sense not only for you but for us as well. 

Please contact us about our firm's client reference list.

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