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Brandon Sigety

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Licensed for 8 years
07068, New Jersey [NJ], Roseland
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Accounting Consultant - AC Financial Advisor - FA

07068, New Jersey, NJ, Roseland

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About Brandon

My clients know me as their trusted financial investment adviser for over 15 years. I have worked with tenured institutions such as Guardian Life, Park Ave Securities and Ernst and Young. 

I recently turned my focus to join Safewealth in efforts to bring together under one umbrella, over 15 years of experience in finance. Our understanding branches into different sectors and avenues of financial advisory; such as Income Tax, Financial Planning, and Real Estate Investments; enabling us to bring to our clients' wide-ranging knowledge of businesses, taxes, and their investments.

Safewealth is a financial institution committed to the economic well being of its clients, focused on healthy and mindful investment practices. Our most popular product offering safe investment advantage and wealth appreciations are the Structured Settlements. These are payments that yield “High Returns” with “Low Risk” to individual investors or institutions. 

Structured Settlements and/or Annuity Payments were mainly limited to institutional investors such as banks, insurance companies, and mutual funds until 2008. Since then, the retail market has access to safe and secure structured investments that offer the safety of large insurance company, government and government agencies to individual’s investments. 

Safewealth handles large volumes of structured payments opportunities, which are available to the general investor, banking institutions, and hedge funds to portfolio or even invest in your IRA.

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