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I want to tell a little and describe who the accountant is. The accountant is a high-class specialist who examines the tax and financial documentation.Accountant deals with accounting and tax accounting monitor whether resources are using economically. As well maintains ownership of a company or organization, identifies mistakes, assesses the effectiveness of the work.And certify and gives valuable, useful and important recommendations to the company's management. Actually, the accountant is an important person who provides his services to clients (most of them are businessmen). To check important documents and important calculations, on the correctness of which determines the fate of the company (organization). And therefore, the job of the accountant is considered very demanded and promising.

Where do the accountant work?

Without exaggeration, the profession of the bookkeeper is very complex and time-consuming. And it will require the constant development of professional skills, as well as the possession of a large amount of information and the ability to quickly process it. Therefore, there are private and state auditors. State accountant works in state companies (organizations) and are engaged.In the fact that they check the financial and tax compliance of the company (organization) with respect to the legality of the transactions concluded. Count all taxes that need to be paid. And, the public bookkeeper has a serious responsibility. As well, he does not have the right to make a mistake.

Accountant auditors, cooperate with more or less major companies (organizations).So, these companies (organizations)provide annual tax and financial reports. And, accountant frequently receives licenses and begin to practice private practice.

What professional skills and knowledge should the accountant possess?

  • Knowledge in the field of economics and finance;
  • Impeccable knowledge of financial legislation;
  • Knowledge of the preparation of financial documents;
  • Ability to identify errors and violations (be able to distinguish intentional errors from unintentional ones);
  • Ability to fast entry into the production process of the company being audited;
  • Knowledge of a foreign language to working at a prestigious firm(to begin with knowledge of English with a dictionary or the ability to use a bilingual thesaurus to effectively search for words and information);
  • Organizational skills and ability to manage time
  • A high level of computation and calculation
  • Ability to own a computer
  • Self-motivation
  • Ability to team working

What is the accountant’s responsibility?

  • Lead of accountant checks, drawing up of reports and conclusions on their results, consultations of clients;
  • Verification of the correctness of financial and tax documentation of the company (organization);
  • Evaluation of efficiency and internal control systems of financial and economic activities. Development of recommendations to improving business processes;
  • Estimating the anticipated financial transactions, their effectiveness and the degree of risk;
  • Providing company management with advice and practical assistance of financial management and business management;
  • Preparation of documents quite such an annual event as accountant's reporting;
  • Control over the conduct of office work at the department;
  • Preparation of relevant documents on counter checks of tax authorities;
  • Maintenance of the general reference book of the clientele of the enterprise.

Features of the accountant’s career growth.

Career accountant is quite promising. The most obvious way of promotion is the post of chief bookkeeper. It is possible to replace profession permanently and take the position of auditor or finance director. To do this, you will need to get another higher education, for instance, in management, or go as business education. The demand for errors accounting specialists remains high.

Pros and cons of the accountant’s work.


- The profession of a bookkeeper is quite in demand, you can even say more than other professions besides, accountants, as a rule, have a normalized working day. The accountant always has additional earnings, if you keep accounts of small businesses as well, the bookkeeper profession is prestigious: at the enterprises, the bookkeeper refers to the management personnel.


- Sufficiently high level of responsibility: errors in financial accounting and taxation may entail criminal liability.

Summing up, I want to share an experience of my friend who has worked as a high-class accountant for a long time. First of all, he said that you should have a desire to work as a CPA. And you do not just to make money, without desire you can not earn a penny. Secondly, what you have to face is a stressful situation. After all, a professional bookkeeper should be able to perform his work at the shortest possible time.However without the right to make a mistake. And the accountant should as well have critical thinking. As from this will greatly help in this work. He said that a highly qualified specialist had been fired before his eyes since she did not look after the correctness of computation of calculations and was instantly fired without the right to restore.And demanded to instantly write a statement on the dismissal.

The bookkeeper should be ready to anything. The most important thing at this profession is to be constantly patient.In that without this quality, you will not final long. Well, the most pleasant thing in this profession, what he liked most, is the constant communication with people of different levels.The opportunity to make new and important acquaintances, the constant development of both his professional skills and extra skills.He said that this is a very pleasant bonus that is attached to this work. In the conclusion of this chapter, I would like to say that this profession is very prestigious and interesting and unique at its kind. At least, it gives many opportunities and bonuses.For instance, such as constant mental development, and as well if you have a high level of professional skills, you will have the opportunity to travel to different cities and countries. I believe that you should not be afraid of the difficulties of this profession.In that, if you apply pretty effort, you will easily master all the basics of this profession.


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