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Licensed for 8 years
19901, Delaware [DE], Dover
Drawing from my diverse background, I am able to assist clients with a different perspective. I am not preaching something of which I have not experienced myself. From buying and financing a business, analyzing software, establishing systems, purchasing, constructing, and financing multi-million dollar locations to determining the viability of a...
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Licensed for 3 years
19899, Delaware [DE], Wilmington
Hristo presents - The Taxtake accounting service has been invaluable in dealing with complex returns, giving us serious advice and quality prompt service. Your knowledge was far superior to any other accounting service and work was performed with a fair and reasonable cost within all deadlines.  Taxtake is an international expert...
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Licensed for 55 years
19720, Delaware [DE], New Castle
Gerry is a 1963 graduate of Union College in Kentucky where he earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Accounting. He worked for several major industrial corporations prior to entering public accounting with his college roommate in 1973. After merging with a larger CPA firm in 1979, Gerry set out...
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